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Privacy Policy

HalleUK take great care when it comes to maintaining the security and privacy involvingall personal information shared with us from our clients and website visitors.

Our Privacy Policy highlights the steps we will undertake to ensure all your data remains protected throughout viewings of pages within our website tosigning up to any of the services we may offer to you.

The policy will also enable you, as the visitor, to learn what you can do to gain access to any information we receive from you.

Information HalleUK collects

HalleUK will accept information into our systems on completion of the contact forms placed on various pages.

The information required will include but may not be limited to:

  • Name and Job Title (where appropriate)
  • Address of correspondence
  • Contact Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses

By pressing submit on the information given, that you allow HalleUK the right to access the data shared with us and for future use.

Do HalleUK share your data?

The HalleUKteam use the data collected to better understand theindividual needs of the client. This helps us in providinga much moresuited service for you and your business.

Our teams may contact you when we deem it necessary, with further services or adds on we feel will be beneficial.

With this, you are given opportunity to opt out of these communications at any moment.

We will never distribute your information to third party companies with the intention of marketing purposes without notifying your business to this first.

However, please note that HalleUKreserve the right to share data if required of us by law to do so at any given time.

Access to your Data

When you share data with us, you maintain the right to access that information.

If you would like to send for a copy of your information, a formal request can be sent to:

27a Thornley Street,

We do ask that all information sent to us remains asaccurate as possible.

If you’d like to contact regardingamending or removing the information we have, that you believe is incorrect, please feel free to do so by writing to the above address.

Cookies on HalleUK

Just like most other websites, HalleUK takes advantages of the utilisation of cookies which are small text filed places throughout our site to allow for us to track visitor behaviour and how the site continues to be interacted with.

Once you enter the site, to the moment you exit, these cookies will be put into action, helping us to learn more about traffic to the site as well as performance of our pages.

This data is to be used by our teamsonly for analysis purposes and is kept on a confidential basis.

Be aware that on your very first entrance to our site, you are given the option to opt out so please make sure this is checked correctly before continuing if this is preferred.

Links to other websites

You may find that HalleUK holds host tolinks to other websites. These may be ones we find useful, ar partnered with, or who have information we also have access to.

This Privacy Policy only applies to HalleUK and does not support any other site mentioned on our website.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This policy is regularly being reviewed to consider any changes in legislation as recommended by law. Any updates will be immediately made on our website.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 1st June 2023.

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